Dictionary of a HYIP investor

Admin - the manager of a HYIP-project, more often its founder. The administrator answer questions, make payments. Sometimes it is a group of people.

Upline - sponsor, nickname of a person who invited you.

Account - your private office in the project, where you can see specific information...

Oct-21-2014 12:29:34 PM

MATRIX - what is it?

As a matter of fact it is a financial pyramid, but micro-sized. The simplest example - James invited Peter and Elijah into a matrix. Peter invited Kate and Silvia, and Elijah invited Sam and Jacob. For James - who is Upline (host) the matrix is closed. For Peter and Elijah there is one more level,...

Oct-21-2014 12:28:57 PM

How to earn on the Internet

How to earn money on the Internet (online) - 5 real ways.

1. Domain names. Some people earned quite good money purchasing and reselling of good-looking domain names. To search of good domain names use such services as Google Adwords and Wordstat Yandex. Here by keywords you could see what kind of...

Oct-21-2014 12:28:01 PM

Types of HYIP's

Before to typify HYIP, let''s figure out first what it is and how founders see it. HYIP founders name like investment funds or sometimes masked under investment funds with trust management. In practice 95% of all HYIPs are a banal financial pyramid which "live" or pay to existed investorsby means of...

Oct-21-2014 12:27:21 PM

How it all began?

You can find a lot of articles about earnings on the Internet. It is very intresting but usually appears a fraud (like Martingale system in casino) or doubtful projects like MMM. So searching for favorable and fast investments we came across such concept as HYIP.

HYIP stands for Highly Yield...

Oct-21-2014 12:26:36 PM

10 basic mistakes of HYIP investor

There is an opinion that each person learns from one''s mistakes, thus receiving invaluable experience. In real life necessary experience you can get by making some mistakes but for investors even one mistake can lead to loss of all capital.

For beginners (and not only for them, but also skilled...

Oct-21-2014 12:25:31 PM

Acquaintance with HYIP

HYIP stands for High Yield Investment Program. It was invented about hundred years ago by an Italian emigrant - Charles Ponzi. He created the first financial pyramid, for example he was taking 1000 dollars, giving out the debenture, promising 50% profit in three months. The existence of Ponzi...

Oct-21-2014 12:19:42 PM

Tactics of investment

So, you decided to make your first contribution. What to begin with? How to choose correct tactics of investment in HYIP? We decided to tell about several strategies.

1. Aggressive (High-risky) tactics:

- high deposit for long term without possibility of withdrawal.

- deposit without data...

Oct-21-2014 12:18:20 PM

How to earn in HYIP?

In this article we will speak about ways of earnings in financial pyramids, but you should understand that any investments and especially in high yield projects are connected with risk and no one give you always work "ABC" - steps. We will consider how to operate capital and to minimize risks.


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Is it woth of investing?


If you visit our site - it most likely you interested by words "high yield investments". Or you reflect on how to make so that your money bring income. Anyway, I want to begin with own example - experience of the first investments. I thinks I will not be original if I tell that the...

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